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We are glad to welcome some new writers for St Francis Magazine (SFM). It is great to see the interest in our magazine grow! We know that many missionaries in the Arab World and beyond use our articles for educating themselves and others. This is why we began our work 4 years ago, and all of us involved in this publication are happy to serve you!

In March we will publish the second book in our Grassroots series. The first issue is still available; have a look here , and order you copy if you did not do so! The second issue, focusing on matters of reconciliation, can also be ordered at that website.

Our next four issues of SFM will be on Discipleship, the Quran, Insider Movements, and Recruitment issues. If you think you want to contribute an article for any of those issues, contact us!

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MEC is a co-operative effort by concerned Christians in the Middle East focusing on the need for Middle Eastern authorities to ensure the rights of all who choose to call themselves Christian.

For further details please go to

Or, contact Middle East Concern:
Phone: + 44-1509-239400 / Fax: + 44-870-134-8312 / Email:

PRAYER REQUEST: Update #3 on Middle Eastern BMB illegally detained

Our brother is still being detained, despite a court order issued in February that he be released.

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PRAYER REQUEST: update #10 on two Turkish Christians charged with insulting Turkishness

The one decision made at the latest hearing was that the charge under article 301 of the Penal Code would continue.

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PRAYER REQUEST: update #3 on Egyptian BMB challenging government to change his Identity Card

The court has allowed a group of Islamic lawyers to participate in the case who have described Maher as an apostate and asked that he be sentenced to death.

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Petitions from lawyers representing the two widows have resulted in ten additional witnesses being formally summoned to testify at the next hearing, scheduled for 13th April.

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PRAYER REQUEST: update #2 on Middle Eastern BMB illegally detained

Our brother remains detained, despite a court order that he be released.

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