Religions and mission in the Arab world

We are glad to welcome some new writers for St Francis Magazine (SFM). It is great to see the interest in our magazine grow! We know that many missionaries in the Arab World and beyond use our articles for educating themselves and others. This is why we began our work 4 years ago, and all of us involved in this publication are happy to serve you!

In March we will publish the second book in our Grassroots series. The first issue is still available; have a look here , and order you copy if you did not do so! The second issue, focusing on matters of reconciliation, can also be ordered at that website.

Our next four issues of SFM will be on Discipleship, the Quran, Insider Movements, and Recruitment issues. If you think you want to contribute an article for any of those issues, contact us!

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Who are we?

St Francis Magazine is a publication of Arab Vision and Interserve.  Both organizations are committed to witnessing to Jesus Christ in the Arab World.

St Francis Magazine aims to strengthen the Christian witness in the Arab World.  The magazine does this by the articles we publish here, through studies, and by offering applied training on matters related to the Christian apostolate in the Arab World.

In missiology much can be debated, and that is what we like to stimulate with St Francis Magazine. However, we have some solid parameters.  Central for us is our commitment to the triune God as revealed in the Christian Scriptures and ultimately in his Son Jesus Christ.  We adhere to the historic faith as expressed by the Ecumenical Councils of the early Church. 

We also hold that good missiology can never be separated from good ecclesiology.  As Jesus Christ expresses Himself through His Body, the Church, those who proclaim Him can never do so in an individualist manner, but only in communion with the Church.

In the year ahead we will create formal guidelines for the articles we sollicit; however, we will ensure that a broad spectrum of opinions on the hot missiological issues, will always be presented here to you.  Yes, we do have our own opinions on many matters, but we also believe in the shared wisdom of the whole Church and whole mission community; so lets continue to read, and talk, and disagree on some things, and agree on the one thing:  The Gospel of Jesus Christ (as historically understood) must be presented to Arab Muslims so that they have a real chance to become followers of Jesus Christ.